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About Team Libra 


Committed to Excellence and Innovation

In an era where brand positioning, messaging, and effective storytelling are paramount, Team Libra stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise. Our organization was founded on the principles of integrity, foresight, transparency, and unwavering commitment to our clients' success.

Team Libra is a boutique strategic communications and market relations advisory group and full-service agency focused on serving a limited portfolio of exceptional clients. Our team’s insight, experience, and creativity strategically guide our clients from the starting line all the way to market leadership.


Team Libra brings decades of experience working with companies of all sizes and at all levels of maturity.  We have helped clients ranging from start-up companies to Fortune 500 organizations, often working under strict NDA agreements or in stealth mode behind the scenes, helping our clients develop markets, relationships, collateral materials, and their own storytelling acumen.


Our roots go back to 1994 with The Bernhardt Agency (Portland, OR), an award-winning, nationally recognized strategic marketing and communications agency. 


In 2003, with an impressive roster of clients throughout the country, The Bernhardt Agency was selected by Oregon Business magazine as the #1 small business to work for and, for the third year in a row, the top marketing agency overall. Our legacy includes several other widely recognized market relations and communications agencies, including Noblemen Communications and Grid Strategies.  Today, we are recognized as Team Libra.


Our clients turn to us for a wide range of both short-term projects and long-term engagements, including advisory services, executive and corporate spokesperson coaching, communications team staffing assistance, public speaking, and team-building workshops, VIP networking meetings, and special events, and frequently, the end-to-end tactical execution of the organization’s strategic marketing, communications, and outreach plans. 


We support our customers at various points along their take-to-market journeys, from the ‘how to get started’ phase of launching a new business or entering a new market to creating or refining the organization’s storytelling capability to better position their companies, products, and services. When needed, we have the depth to support the full execution of marketing, outreach, and public relations campaigns.

Mike Bernhardt, Team Libra Founder


Mike Bernhardt is a distinguished figure in emerging technology. He is known for his strategic communications and influencer marketing prowess, which spans over three decades.


His expertise has shaped the success of executive spokespeople and their organizations, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies alike. Mike’s reputation has positioned him as a cornerstone in the tech communications domain.

From launching the award-winning, internationally recognized Bernhardt Agency to pioneering roles at leading-edge tech firms, Mike's journey reflects a relentless pursuit of success for his clients, employing communications strategies built on platforms of quality, clarity, and honesty.

His accomplishments of mentoring over 350 corporate spokespeople and his most recent work establishing and leading a communications and outreach office for the DOE's 7-year, $1.8 billion Exascale Computing Project, reflect his passion for memorable storytelling, networking, and team building.

Over the past several decades, Mike has served as a consulting advisor to numerous communications teams and public relations agencies, assisting with staff training and delivering workshops based on his agency’s proven methodology of developing strategically aligned communications strategies built in harmony with an organization’s business goals.

Residing in the Pacific Northwest, Bernhardt, alongside his wife, April Hanks, enjoys the splendor of nature as an avid hiker, marine life enthusiast, and whale watcher. He embodies a balance between technological advancements and the natural world. He is a public safety enthusiast, having served on the Boards of various law enforcement agencies.


Trainer, Coach, and Master of Ceremonies

Bernhardt is lauded for his innovative workshops aimed at executives and thought leaders, which enhance their public appearance, presentation, public speaking, and media interview skills. He enjoys working with individuals and small groups.


He is often engaged as a discussion leader, advisory group leader, and an emcee for corporate and public events.


Unlock Direct Insight: Connect with Our Founder

Partnering with Team Libra means accessing a treasure trove of strategic insights, tailored advice, and the support needed to navigate the complexities of the emerging technology and advanced computing markets. Discover how Team Libra's customized services can transform your business and elevate your spokespeople as recognized leaders in technology and innovation.

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